The Oil Cleansing Method: Cleansing for All Skin Types

If your skin is naturally oily (like mine), don’t be put off by the word “oil” in this cleansing routine. This cleansing method works on all skin types.

Oil Cleansing involves using a specific combination of natural oils to cleanse the skin and balance the skin’s natural oils.

According to The Oil Cleansing Method;

Oil, alone, will not produce blemishes. Pimples, cysts, zits, blackheads, whiteheads…these are a result of several different factors including hormones, bacteria, dead skin cells and the build-up of these factors. Your skin naturally produces oil because it needs it… Not only does your natural oil help lubricate, but it also heals, protects, and moisturises your skin so that it may do it’s job.

This cleansing method works by massaging oil into your skin to help dissolve the oil that has hardened with impurities and built-up in your pores. Steam is then used to open up your pores, allowing the oil to be washed away.

When first starting out with the Oil Cleansing Method, it’s normal to go through an adjustment period where skin may get worse, before it gets better. This is the skin simply detoxing. You’ll start to notice gradual improvements in skin health; less excess oil, less dry, flaky skin, less blackheads, once the detox period has subsided. It can take anywhere between 3-4 weeks of oil cleansing before you really start to see the full benefits.

Using oil to naturally cleanse and rebalance the skin’s natural oils

How to Oil Cleanse

Castor oil and olive oil are the most common oils used, though you can use any natural oil. Make sure to dilute the castor oil before using it, as it should never be used undiluted on skin. It’s recommended to add twice the amount of secondary oil as castor oil when making an oil blend.

Now, if you choose to avoid using castor oil due to its unsustainable growing practices, a great alternative is hazelnut oil.

Other great oils to use for oil cleansing include:

  • sweet almond oil
  • safflower oil
  • sunflower oil
  • grapeseed oil
  • avocado oil
  • apricot kernel oil
  • argon oil
  • jojoba oil

The recommended ratios for each oil are as follows:

  • Dry skin: Mostly olive oil, with a tiny amount of castor/hazelnut oil.
  • Combination skin: 1/4 hazelnut/castor oil and 3/4 olive oil.
  • Oily skin: 1/3 hazelnut/castor oil and 2/3 olive oil.

Adjust the ratios overtime as needed to best suit your skin type.

To use:

  1. Pour around a 1 tsp of the oil blend onto your hand and massage all around your face (I often massage some of the oil onto my neck as well as I can get pimples there). Make sure your skin is dry beforehand, do not wet it.
  2. Massage for 1-2 minutes or until the oil has completely saturated your skin. Leave the oil on for 10 minutes to really clean your pores.
  3. Saturate a clean washcloth with really hot tap water (until it’s completely soaked), then wring it out, open and place over your face. This will provide a steam layer over the skin to remove the oils and impurities.
  4. Leave the washcloth on for 1 minute, then use the corners of the cloth to gently remove any remaining oil on your skin. You’ll find a thin layer of oil will remain behind afterwards on the skin, and this is perfectly normal and beneficial in fact, as it will keep the skin hydrated and protect it against the natural elements.
  5. No moisturiser is generally needed.
Before and after 9 weeks of using just the Oil Cleansing Method.

As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor before trying or using any new products. It’s important to check with a doctor before taking this or any new product, especially if taking any other medicine or supplement or if pregnant or nursing. Be sure to check ingredients to make sure there is no risk of an allergic reaction to it.

Have you tried oil cleansing before? What ratios do you use? Share in the comments below.

Lots of love,

🖤 Vanessa


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