Such a great moisturizer & all natural!

Such a great moisturizer & all natural! I’m a swim teacher, so the chlorine takes a toll. This moisturizer was so soothing on my skin as well as taking away that horrible dry feeling. Couldn’t recommend it enough!


Swimming Instructor

The moisturiser I’ve purchased is amazing!

The moisturiser I’ve purchased is amazing! It is the only thing to help me when my skin is so itchy, dry and covered in rashes after being in the chlorinated pool for hours at a time for my swim teaching job. I’ve tried so many other moisturisers and nothing has worked besides this. It is really hydrating and I love that I’m apply only natural things to my skin for my body to absorb.


Swim Teacher

Honestly it is incredible, the absolute best moisturiser I’ve ever used!

22yr old male, daily user of Vanessa’s moisturiser. Honestly it is incredible, the absolute best moisturiser I’ve ever used. I’ve sought out and tried a range of different moisturisers and haven’t had any luck in finding a product that stuck. Love so much how this product is natural, feels great on my skin, gives it a healthy glow, soothes and hydrates, lasts all day and comes plastic-free. I’ve received so many compliments from people in my life on how my skin looks which I’ve never had before. Definitely worth it and it lasts so much as a small amount just spreads so well across your whole face.


Aquatics Regional Manager

This moisturiser is truly one of the best I’ve ever used!

This moisturiser is truly one of the best I’ve ever used, actually no, THE BEST I’ve ever used. I was a swim teacher for 7 years, and no moisturiser could help combat the daily irritation of dry skin from spending hours in chlorinated water, except this one! The great thing about it is that it’s ALL natural, homemade and no synthetic ingredients! Plus a little goes a long way so it lasts a long time as opposed to store bought moisturiser. This one smells amazing too, so it not only combats the dryness of chlorine but masks the smell too. I’ve had numerous compliments on how good I smell after wearing this moisturiser. I honestly can’t rave about it enough it’s been my go to skin moisturiser for the last couple years.


Makeup Artist

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