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About Simply Natural Nessa – Our Mission

SimplyNaturalNessa.com is an online resource for anyone looking to live a healthier life. I analyse a wide variety of topics and then summarise the information in a clear, easy to understand, and usable way. My goal is to provide healthy whole food recipes, natural remedies, natural beauty tips, natural cleaning tutorials, and other information to help make your life that bit better.

Vanessa, Founder of Simply Natural Nessa


One of my biggest desires is to live in a world where we no longer have to deal with the current health problems our world is facing today, like chronic illness.

Having never been to university and my only prior background knowledge in health being my high school PE (Physical Education) subject, I took my health into my own hands and started researching to find answers and solutions to my own health struggles. My research turned into a blog that turned into an incredible community (featuring you!).

When I’m not at home writing blog posts, reading health articles/books, or experimenting with new recipe ideas, you can find me out in nature (my favourite place to be) soaking up the sun and enjoying long hikes where all I hear around me are the sounds of birds singing, and the trickling’s of waterfalls.

Why the Name “Simply Natural Nessa?”

It all started over 10 years ago when I went in search of natural alternatives to chemical-laden, additive-filled products available on the market. I desired to live a lifestyle that was as natural as possible, supporting eco-friendly, organic, sustainable ways of living. So I scoured the internet, relentlessly searching for ways I could achieve this lifestyle and provide my body with natural foods full of nutrients that would enable me to thrive and function at my optimal level.

My goal, and the goal of Simply Natural Nessa, is to help make the transition to living naturally easier for you and to share the journey (as we’re all constantly learning and growing every day of our lives).

Note from Vanessa:

I am not a doctor, a “health guru,” or certifiably trained in any way. I’m just super passionate about creating a healthy life for myself and my family.

Change Starts With You.

Here’s the thing, I can’t change the health of the world on my own, but I am absolutely certain that as a group, we can. Here’s why – together, united, we hold tremendous power. Not only do we have access to unlimited resources (more than ever before), but we also have the power to share this knowledge with countless others. We are connected via social media and other platforms to hundreds of people, some from other parts of the world, and we have the chance to share our ideas, resources, and experiences with them. So my goal is to help individuals (like yourself) live a “Simply Natural” lifestyle so that together, we can create lasting change.

At SimplyNaturalNessa.com you’ll find natural living and cleaning tips, beauty tutorials and recipes, my best whole food recipes, and health and lifestyle hacks where I share natural ingredients, natural remedies and much more!

Majority of the time, I stick to whole food, natural living, natural remedies, and beauty products, but if we become friends on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, you’ll also occasionally hear about my life, what I do in my free time, and my hobbies like hiking, and reading health and medical journals.

But enough about me, I want to know about you! Come join the amazing community around here, say hi in the comments of a post that interests you and share with me your story of how you ended up here.



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