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About Simply Natural Nessa – My Mission

SimplyNaturalNessa.com is an online resource for anyone looking to live a healthier, more natural life. I analyse a wide variety of topics and then summarise the information in a clear, easy to understand, and usable way. My goal is to provide healthy whole food ketogenic recipes, natural remedies, natural beauty tips, natural cleaning tutorials, and other information to help you on your journey to living a life that better aligns with you.

Vanessa, Founder of Simply Natural Nessa


I’m a photographer, videographer, activist, and blogger who is passionate about both health and nutrition, and the planet. I’m Vanessa, Simply Natural Nessa.

One of my biggest desires is to live in a world where we no longer have to deal with the current health problems and pollution issues we currently face, like chronic disease and plastic pollution.

Having never been to university, my only prior background knowledge in health and nutrition has been my high school PE (Physical Education) and Food Technology subjects. I took my health into my own hands and started researching to find answers and solutions to my own health struggles. My research turned into a website that turned into an incredible community (featuring you).

Here’s a little bit about me…

I was plant-based for six years, I’m no longer anymore. On my blog and YouTube channel I love to share my learnings and creations for natural, toxic-free, plastic-free, sustainable alternatives to everyday products, recipes, and items we use on a daily basis for things like skin care, cosmetics, remedies, food, hair care, beauty, and more. I am currently building my skills in photography and videography to fulfil my dream of becoming a marine photographer and videographer. I also work with brands who share similar values to me, who are looking to create sustainable alternatives to popular products, which I share on my website and social media.

I do my best to show others how simple and fulfilling it is to be a conscious consumer, sharing how I live my life this way. My pantry, my wardrobe, the products I use, and how I get around, are just a few examples of the things I talk about. I also encourage people to consider how their daily choices and decisions impact their health and the planet.

I love spending as much time as I can out in nature, particularly in the mountains and at the beaches around where I live on the Gold Coast, in northern Australia.

My blog is like my diary. You’ll get natural health and sustainable living tips, as well as regular updates of my new learnings and findings as I adopt a more slow living approach to life. I also share a lot of behind-the-scenes content of my life as an entrepreneur, content creator, and natural living enthusiast.

Why the Name ‘Simply Natural Nessa’?

It all started over eight years ago when I went in search of natural alternatives to the chemical-laden, additive-filled products available at supermarket stores. I desired to live a lifestyle that was as natural as possible, supporting eco-friendly, organic, sustainable ways of living. So I scoured the internet, relentlessly searching for ways I could achieve this lifestyle and provide my body with only natural foods full of nutrients that would allow me to thrive, not just survive.

My goal, and the goal of Simply Natural Nessa, is to help make the transition to living a natural life a little easier for you and to share the journey alongside you (as we are all constantly learning and growing every day of our lives).

A Note from Vanessa

Please note that I am not a doctor, a “health guru,” or certifiably trained in any way. My passion is simply to create a healthy life for myself and my family, and share my learnings along the way.

I never force my opinions or views on others, but rather show through my own choices and experiences how there can be other ways of living, and (hopefully) this inspires others to consider a different way of life, too.

I believe living a natural, sustainable lifestyle is the best way to thrive while here on this beautiful planet we call home.

Welcome! It’s so wonderful to have you here. This space holds no judgement. We are all on our own journey, and that looks different for everyone. I, by no means, have life ‘figured out.’ I’m still learning, too, and will continue to do so every day of my life. I hope I can inspire you to live a life more aligned with your values, so you, too, can enjoy this precious life we are blessed with.

Lots of love,

🖤 Vanessa

two years without a car
two years without a car
two years without a car

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