DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

Washing my hair is a lot of work, so I don’t do it very often (like once every 4-7 days, I know, tis shocking). Anyone else feel me? Are you in the same boat yourself? So dry shampoo has become a dear dear friend of mine. I like to switch up my hair products to keep things fresh, so if you have a great recipe that you love, let me know! This dry shampoo recipe is my current favourite. It’s from Wellness Mama, and it is the bomb diggity!

Dry Shampoo Recipe

Dry shampoos are also wonderful if you’re switching to “no-poo” or a homemade natural shampoo, which can often leave your hair oily for the first couple of weeks or so while your scalp adjusts to not having its natural oils stripped each day (doing a hair detox can also help in speeding up the adjustment period). I personally have naturally oily hair even when I don’t strip the oils, so I am a huge fan of dry shampoo.

The idea of a dry shampoo (or wet-dry shampoo) in a nutshell is simply to put an oil absorbing substance (like arrowroot or cornstarch) on the oily sections of your hair to absorb the oil and leave your hair looking clean. A wet-dry shampoo is quite similar, the only difference being the oil absorbing substance is put into a quickly evaporating liquid like vodka or rubbing alcohol.

Conventional dry shampoos that you often come across on the market usually contain ingredients like “propane, isobutane, and butane.” So a much better option is to make your own instead! Not only will you be saving money (as homemade versions are like 95% cheaper), but you also can sleep well knowing you’re not putting harmful toxic chemicals on your hair.

On my hair (as I have dark hair), I use arrowroot and cacao powder mixed together, but for those with blonde hair, using a light powder like arrowroot works perfectly well. The bonus of using cacao powder in my dry shampoo is it makes my hair smell like chocolate! (Win-win!).

The full recipes are listed below and feel free to customise them to your hair type!



  1. Put the drops of essential oil in with the cacao powder (if using), arrowroot or cornstarch and mix with a spoon. Store the mix in a small jar or old powder container. I pour mine into a shaker bottle, such as an old rosemary spice jar, then sprinkle a little onto my roots and work it into my hair with my fingertips.
  2. Apply to the roots or oily part of your hair with an old make-up brush. Applying with the bush is optional, it just removes the need to comb through as much and is better for styled hair. If you don’t use the brush, comb the powder through your hair and style as usual.

If you’d prefer to use a wet shampoo that must be sprayed onto your hair and acts as a dry shampoo, simply add some water and edible alcohol to the recipe above:

Wet-Dry Spray Shampoo Recipe



  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a small spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Shake before each use and spray onto roots or oil sections of hair.
  3. Let dry then style as usual.


If you have dark hair but don’t desire to use cacao powder in your hair, simply use plain arrowroot and apply it before going to bed the night before or at least 2 hours in advance so that it has time to absorb and you won’t get the fake grey wig look.

As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor before trying or using any new products.

* * *

Have you ever made dry shampoo before? What recipe did you use? How did it go? Let me know below!

Vanessa xx



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