Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil


Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil

A gentle facial cleanser that can be used on dry, combination, or oily skin types. It contains homemade Calendula Oil, a cold-pressed olive oil infused with skin-soothing calendula. Calendula is renowned for its ability to promote healing and soothe inflamed skin. This is combined with Castor Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E to aid in cell regeneration. Pores are left purified and skin is left soft, healthy and radiant.

100% Plastic-Free


Certified Organic Ingredients

Handmade by Me!


Not Tested on Animals

Australian Made


INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Oils of calendula, jojoba, castor oil, emulsifying wax, and Olivem 300. 100% essential oil of rosemary.

Packed in a 100mL amber glass bottle with a plastic pump dispenser.

PRICED to cover all natural and organic ingredients, handmaking with love, supporting local community and all zero-waste packaging.

Thank you for your love and support as I venture into sharing my favourites with you all. 🙂




This gentle calendula facial cleansing oil removes dirt, excess oils, makeup and dead skin cells, keeping your face clean and your skin healthy.

The addition of an emulsifier allows the cleansing oil to blend with a splash of water in our hands, developing a white, creamy texture as it emulsifies. After you’ve finished massaging it into your skin, the cleanser is easy to remove, wiping away beautifully, leaving no oily residue.

Apologies, no returns on this item. Please re-gift if it doesn’t suit your skin type. <3


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