DIY Natural Hair Growth Serum

Having long, luscious hair has been something of a dream of mine for a while now, however I’ve been struggling with achieving the ‘long’ part of it (I use this hair serum to keep my hair looking vibrant and healthy and to stop dry and damaged ends from forming). My hair is quite a ‘slow-grower’, and so it takes months and months for it to grow just a few inches.

I read up about how hair grows, and apparently most hair follicles will grow hair for a few months, and then take a break and rest for a few months (understandable, I imagine it’s a lot of work to grow hair ūüėČ). It is said that an average of 10% of hair follicles will rest at the one time.

So I went in search for something natural that would help my hair to grow a little more quickly, and also something that would protect my hair during the summer months when the sun is at its strongest. And this hair serum has become my saving grace.

Hair Growth Serum Recipe

The following ingredients are used for their unique abilities to help with scalp health and hair growth:

  • Aloe vera gel:¬†Great for soothing and moisturising the scalp, and promotes silky soft hair.
  • Rosemary essential oil: Stimulates hair growth. A really cool fact I recently learnt was how rosemary branches were used as hair brushes as an age-old remedy to help with dandruff and hair loss.
  • Nettle leaf:¬†Helps to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Nettle leaves are rich in silica and sulphur which helps make hair shinier and healthier.
  • Clary sage essential oil:¬†Promotes hair growth and stimulates the scalp.
  • Lavender essential oil:¬†It gives hair a deep conditioning, which helps to keep it shiny and prevent dandruff.
  • Horsetail leaf:¬†Rich in silica, it helps to reduce hair fall and breakage by strengthening and protecting hair.



  1. Begin by boiling the distilled water then add the dried nettle leaf and horsetail leaf. hair growth serum pic
  2. Allow the herbs to sit in the water for around 10 minutes or so, or until the water cools.
  3. Next, strain the herbs out and pour the liquid into a spray bottle.
  4. Add the aloe vera and essential oils then shake well until combined.
  5. The serum lasts up to 3 months when stored in the fridge. Make sure to shake it well before use.

How to Apply the Hair Serum

  • Spray generous amounts onto roots of hair once or more per day. For me, it worked best when I sprayed it on my hair before going to bed each night.

Where I Sourced My Ingredients From

I found the nettle leaf, horsetail leaf, aloe vera, and essential oils from my local health food store.

I re-used an old spray bottle I had at home, but if you don’t have one available on hand, this glass spray bottle is a great option to use.

As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor before trying or using any new products.

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What are some of your natural tips for promoting hair growth? Share with me below! I love hearing all your cool ideas.

‚̧ Vanessa



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