Sydney Vegan Food Tours: Review

I’m am such a foodie.

Whenever I go out to a party, my first thought is “I wonder what food they’ll have?” (priorities, right).

For our birthday this year, my twin sister, Megan, and I were taken out to the city for a surprise. Once there, we learnt we were going on a vegan food tour around Sydney city!

The tour was run by Sydney Vegan Food Tours, and we were shown a few little-known vegan food places around the city. What was really interesting was half the places we went to weren’t actually “vegan” food spots, they were originally standard cafe’s and restaurants, but evolved their menu overtime to include more vegan-friendly options.

While it’s nice to eat out at 100% vegan places, choosing to eat at places where they only have a few vegan options promotes more of those options being available; the more people ask for vegan dishes, the more encouragement they’ll have to expand their vegan menu.

Sydney Vegan Food Tour: My Experience

The first stop on our tour was the Cruelty Free Shop. They have everything under the sun vegan. We tasted cheeses, crackers, and looked around at their vegan product range. If you’re ever in need of vegan marshmallows (as I’ve found they’re hard to find), they have a supply there.

Next, we visited Gardener’s Lodge (in the heart of Victoria Park). This all-vegan café looks out onto the most beautiful view, and once you’ve finished dining, you can wander around the park and relax out on the grass. We had a feast while there, made up of chicken” schnitzel, mushroom and “blue cheese” sandwiches, with an iced chai latte to wash it down.

Our chicken” schnitzel, mushroom and “blue cheese” sandwiches from Gardener’s Lodge.

Salt Meats Cheese was our next stop. This restaurant quickly grew their vegan menu to keep up with the growing movement. As more and more people came in asking for vegan pizza, they started expanding their menu. It now includes a whole range of vegan pizzas, and once a month they hold an all you can eat vegan pizza and pasta night. They also offer a gluten-free pizza base option, which is one of the best I’ve ever had.

Our final stop was at this gorgeous little café called Something for Jess. They support local artists by displaying their artworks on the walls around the café for people to purchase if they choose. They change the artworks each month, and 10% of all art proceeds go to Amnesty International, to help those less fortunate. When we arrived, we were given some incredibly delicious vegan gluten-free fritters, followed up with some gluten-free chocolate and blueberry friands.

This tour was a wonderful way to explore Sydney city, while enjoying a delicious range of vegan meals along the way!

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Where is your favourite vegan food spot to eat out at? Do you have a favourite vegan dish you love? Share in the comments below.

Lots of love,

🖤 Vanessa