Sydney Vegan Tours

Food is honestly a huge love of mine, like whenever I go out to a party, my first thought is “Ooooo I wonder what food’ll be there!” (priorities, right 😉). So when I was taken out to the city for my birthday as a surprise, I was so excited to find out I was going on a vegan food tour around Sydney!

We were shown many different little known vegan places around the city by @sydney_vegantours, which was great as I learnt about so many new places to go and eat out at! What was really cool about this was half the places we went to, weren’t actually “vegan” food spots. These places were originally standard cafe’s and restaurants, but have evolved their menu overtime to include more and more vegan options, which is awesome!

It’s great to eat out at 100% vegan food spots, but choosing to eat at places where they may only have a few vegan options promotes more of those options to be produced, as the more people who visit these places and ask for vegan dishes, the more demand they’ll have for them and this in turn will encourage them to expand their vegan menu alternatives!

I loved this guided food tour so much that I thought I’d share my experience with you all just to give you my personal review of it, and in hope that you, too, might give it a go! It’s a wonderful way to explore Sydney city, and to get even more of an idea of great places to eat out at while you’re here!

My Sydney Vegan Tour Experience

The first stop on our tour around the city was at the Cruelty Free Shop (I love this place). They have almost everything under the sun that’s vegan 😍. We tasted cheese (’twas goooood!) and bought a whole range of different vegan cheeses there.

The next place we visited was Gardener’s Lodge (right in Victoria Park!). This all-vegan cafe looks out onto the most picturesque view, and once you’re finished eating, you can wander around the beautiful park and find a spot on the grass to sit and enjoy the gorgeous scene around you. We had a feast while we were there, made up of “chicken” schnitzel, and mushroom and “blue cheese” sandwiches. I had never eaten blue cheese before then, but the vegan blue cheese I had on that sandwich was a-maaaa-zing!

Our next stop was at the restaurant Salts Meat Cheese (as you can tell from the name, they’re not a solely vegan restaurant 😉). The funny thing about this place was how quickly they’d grown the vegan part of their menu. As more and more people had come in asking for the vegan pizza they offered, they started expanding their menu, and now it includes a whole range of vegan pizzas (which I have to say are incredible!), and they even have a vegan pizza and pasta all you can eat night! (I’ve been, it’s gooood 😆). While we were there we had a gluten-free vegan pizza. Their gluten-free bases are one of the best I’ve ever had!

Our final stop on the tour was at a gorgeous little cafe called Something for Jess (sadly we had no one on our tour called Jess, it would have been a good joke! 😜). What’s really cool about this cafe (other than the amazing food) is they support local artists by displaying their artworks on the wall around the cafe for people to purchase if they choose, and they change the artworks shown each month. Such a great idea, huh?! When we arrived we were given these super delicious vegan gluten-free fritters, and some choc and blueberry friands (vegan gluten-free of course). It was such a great way to conclude our food tour of Sydney!

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Where is your favourite vegan food spot to eat out at? Do you have a favourite vegan dish you love? Share with me in the comments below! I love hearing your thoughts.

❤ Vanessa