Natural Remedies for Sunburns

With Summer comes many wonderful things; warm weather, days out in the sun, ocean swims, beach days, sunbathing, all the summer fruits (mangoes being one of my favourites!), and the list goes on and on.

But with this season comes a bit of a downfall, and that is that the sun and UV rays are much stronger, meaning we can often get a little bit too much sun, resulting in that painful, blistering burn.

Home Remedies for Sunburn

While mindful sun exposure can be very beneficial (as it’s one of the main forms we receive vitamin D in), sunburn can be very harmful and should be avoided. Since learning how sunburns can in fact age and damage skin (among many other things), I’ve been much more careful about avoiding sunburn, but on the rare occasion it does happen, I try and reduce the redness and pain as much as possible as well as help heal my body and hopefully minimise any damage that may have occurred.

Whenever I go to the beach, or am out in the sun for extended periods of time, I use natural sunscreen and cover up (hat, sunnies, long clothing), but these are some of the remedies I use if my skin does happen to get a little pink:

Aloe Vera

Probably the most common and well-known remedy to use to help soothe and heal sunburnt skin. I’ve found the plant works better than the gels or lotions you get from the store, but if you do use the plant, ensure you apply it right away as soon as you’ve cut off one of the leaves as it’s healing properties start to become less effective the longer it’s off the plant. If you do opt to use a gel, choose a high quality one with no additives or preservatives.

Essential Oils

Lavender and helichrysum can help to soothe burnt skin and even speed up recovery. Simply pour a few drops into a bottle of water and spray onto affected areas as needed.

Cool Bath

Taking a hot shower after getting sunburnt is a big no-no, but having a cool bath can do wonders. When you’re ready to take a soak, fill up the bath with cool water and slowly get in. Toss a handful of baking soda into your bath water as an extra soothing option, as baking soda can help sunburnt skin by soothing skin inflammation, reducing itching, and treating sunburn. Note: Baking soda can be drying, so keep your soak time limited to 15 minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar/Herb Solution

This remedy works wonders for relieving the pain brought on by sunburn. When diluted, apple cider vinegar works as a wonderful remedy for sunburns, but when combined with certain herbs, it becomes twice as effective. To make the solution, boil 1 cup of water and add 2 tablespoons of lavender flowers, dried plantain leaves, and dried mint leaves. Remove from heat and let cool. Once the mixture has cooled, strain out the herbs and add an equal amount of apple cider vinegar to the cooled tea mixture. Pour into a spray bottle and spritz onto affected areas as needed to help soothe skin.

Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress to sunburnt skin can help take the sting out of it as it helps absorb the heat and provide immediate cooling relief for painful burns. Just ensure you don’t apply ice directly onto the skin as it can result in a cold burn on top of your already sunburnt skin. Ouch! Instead, use a padded cold compress or pop some ice into a bag and wrap a paper towel around it.

Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil to sunburnt skin may help stop peeling and can aid in reducing redness more quickly. It also acts as a mild sunscreen, but it’s not strong enough to use alone for all-day exposure. It works best as an everyday option for mild sun protection.


Have you ever had that feeling when you’ve been out in the sun too long, and your skin feels a little tingly and dried out? I remember it well. It’s because the sun sucks moisture from the skin and dries it out. The time spent in the sun where you’ve gotten burnt has also dehydrated your body. Rehydrating your body can help aid in the recovery process of sunburns. I drink plenty of water, herbal teas, and kombucha (which is so refreshing!) to help keep my body hydrated.

As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor before trying or using any new products.

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What have been your go to remedies for sunburn? Share with me below!

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