These natural remedies are effective in aiding recovery from illness and injury. They are a combination of supplements, herbs, and lifestyle changes to help you bounce back from ill health.

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DIY Castor Oil Pack (& Why to Do One)

Castor oil packs are one of my favourite ways to gently detox my body. I personally use them on my liver, but I’ve seen them used on kidneys, thyroid and other areas of the body to promote detoxing. I was first introduced to using a castor oil pack by my naturopath earlier this year, as […]

DIY Essential Oil Blends for Congestion, Allergies & Immunity

Ever had blocked sinuses? For most people it happens when we catch a cold or flu, but did you know there are other factors that play a part? Here are a few remedies on how to naturally soothe congestion and allergies, as well as boost immunity! I recently had a one of those really stuffy, […]

How to Heal Stubborn Mouth Ulcers Naturally (Without Medication)

It took about one week, once I started using the remedies and supplements I share below, for my body to heal my mouth ulcers. I was going through a rough period not so long ago. I kept getting mouth ulcer after mouth ulcer, sometimes having three at once! This made eating extremely painful. When one […]

How to Make Lavender Tincture: A Home Remedy for Great Sleep

A homemade sleep aid that’s SO easy to make, and is completely natural and very effective for promoting relaxation. You can use dried or fresh herbs. After learning how to make a fresh dandelion tincture that can be taken to help with an array of health conditions, I started looking into making lavender tincture, seeing […]

DIY After-Sun Spray for Sunburn

For skin that’s seen a little too much sun, try this simple DIY after-sun spray to soothe, cool and restore skin. Every year, I try my best not to burn. But without fail, every summer I manage to either burn or get slightly pink. This is usually at the beginning of summer, when my skin […]

How to Heal Bacterial & Fungal Ear Infections Naturally (Homemade Ear Drops)

I’d been struggling with an ongoing bacterial and fungal ear infection for 2 years with no success, until I discovered these homemade anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, ant-microbial ear drops which worked at fighting off the infection! It took longer than using antibiotics (about 2-3 months), but the upside was they didn’t have any of the side effects […]

How to Relieve Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) Naturally (Without Antibiotics)

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are often treated with antibiotics — but are there other alternatives? One common condition that many women experience is urinary tract infections. According to to Dr. Axe; More than 50% of women will develop a UTI and UTI symptoms in their lifetimes, and because antibiotics are the most common conventional treatment for UTIs, […]

How to Naturally Treat Lyme Disease (No Antibiotics)

The first time I encountered Lyme’s disease was after my youngest sister, Emma, contracted it from what we believed to be a spider bite. It’s transferable from any biting insect really, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders etc. but it’s more often contracted through tick bites. It really upset me to see my sister so ill. Lyme’s disease […]

How to Heal Acne Naturally (& Acne Scars)

Skin health often starts with our gut. You may know the saying, “the eyes are a window to the soul,” well, the skin is like a window to our gut, and it’s often the first place to show signs that something isn’t right inside. My first insight into acne came during high school, when I […]

Vaginal Odour: What to Do About it?

Vaginal odour is something all women deal with, and while it’s completely natural and normal for your vagina to have some kind of scent, certain vaginal smells can signal something’s not right. I love this phrase by Healthline; A healthy vagina smells like a lot of different things — flowers isn’t one of them. It’s […]

How to Relieve Hay fever & Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Relieve seasonal allergies with these tried-and-tested remedies. According to Natural Allergy Treatment; Australia and New Zealand have some of the highest hay fever rates in the world, making them two of the worst places to live with allergies. When the change of season begins, those of us who are prone to allergies may find ourselves […]

How to Stop Foot & Shoe Odour Naturally

“Ewwww Ness, your shoes reek!” was what I heard whenever I took off my shoes. Eventually it got to the point where I HAD to do something about it, as I couldn’t put my shoes on without convulsing people… So, as usual, I went snooping around online in search of some tried and tested natural […]

How to Heal Skin Infections Naturally (Without Antibiotics)

At the end of last year I developed a skin infection. It started with an infected pimple on the right side of my chin, but gradually got worse, spreading right across my face (as pictured above), down my arms, and eventually spreading to my left ear, causing an ear infection. I was mortified when big […]

How to Detox Your Armpits & Why You Should!

Weird topic? I know. But hear me out before you judge! I first came across an armpit detox while roaming the store, Biome, up in Queensland. I discovered the Earth Purities armpit detox kit, and wondered why someone would want to do an armpit detox? So I researched into it and discovered there are many […]

Do Weighted Blankets Really Help With Anxiety?

Weighted blankets, whose heard of these before? I personally hadn’t heard of them up until last year. Nor had I known that they had the power to help reduce anxiety! Weighted blankets are specially designed to contain a weighted material, often some type of plastic bead that’s been sewn into the blanket in a grid […]