How To Make Perfume Last Longer

When I started making my own perfume, I was looking for natural ways to give my body a beautiful scent that I could walk around confidently in, rather than causing people to convulse (a bit of an overstatement, but you get my point 😉). After sweating all day you tend to get a bit of B.O. going (particularly on a hot summer’s day). But the only problem was the perfume would wear off by mid afternoon, and that’s when I needed it most!

So, I started looking for ways to help make perfume last longer, which would allow me to smell amazing all day long! Here are some of the tips I found.

Store Fragrances in Cool, Dry, Dark Places

Heat, light, and humidity can break down the perfume and reduce the quality of the fragrance. So instead, store them in cool, dry place such as on the vanity in your room and away from windows and the bathroom (showering can produce a lot of steam which creates humid temperatures. Not great for perfume).

Apply Moisturiser Before Spraying

Apply an unscented lotion (this one is my favourite) before you spray your perfume on. Oily skin will retain fragrances longer, so if you tend to have dry skin, pop on some moisturiser before your perfume to help lock in the scent.

Shower, Then Spray

Right after taking a shower, just before you get dressed, spray your perfume on. The moisture on your skin will help to hold the scent for longer, and this will also help prevent the perfume from staining any clothes or jewellery.

Don’t Rub Your Wrists Together

A lot of us think that after you spray perfume onto your wrists, you should rub them together to spread the fragrance and unlock the scent (I was one of these people). But it actually does the opposite. Rubbing your wrists together after spraying the scent on forces the top notes to evaporate faster than would otherwise be the case, and as a result can make your fragrance fade quicker.

Spray Certain Points On Your Body

Applying perfume to pulse points and warm areas on your body helps it to last longer throughout the day. Why? Good question. By choosing a couple of target areas (wrists, the inside of your elbows, neck, behind your ears, below your midriff area on your belly, behind your knees, or on your ankles and calves), will help diffuse the fragrance across your entire body, and spraying your ankles and calves will enable the scent to rise throughout the day. Just make sure not to spray all the areas at once. A couple of spots will do.

Mix Your Perfume With Lotion

So nothing goes to waste, mix the last bit of perfume with unscented lotion by pouring the last little bit of fragrance in with it.

Top-Up During the Day

Spray some cotton swabs (these ones are eco-friendly) with your perfume and keep them in sandwich bags inside your handbag to use for quick touch-ups over the course of the day. It saves space (as a perfume bottle is much bigger) and can easily fit into your clutch.

Line Your Dresser Drawers

Line your drawers with tissue paper and spray them with perfume to make your clothes smell amazing!

As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor before trying or using any new products.

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What’s your favourite perfume? Do you make your own too?! Share the recipe with me down in the comments below! I love getting new ideas on what scents to pair together 😊

❤ Vanessa




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