DIY Hair Ties Made Out of Old Stockings

I think I’ve lost about one million hair ties over my lifetime (which is only like 22 years). I’ll go out and buy a new pack of 20 and lose 19 of them in the first week. That final hair tie (the laaaast melon) I’ll treat with such care (like it’s the most valuable thing in the world – cause at that point… it is) and it’ll probably last about 6 months until I lose it or it breaks (it’s a sad day when that happens).

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Anyway, I saw a few people (one of them was Simple(ish) Living – side note: she’s awesome) make their own hair ties using old stockings, tights, and pantyhose! When I discovered this I thought to myself, “this is prefect!” as I had a couple of old pairs of stockings sitting in my draw waiting for the day when I’d finally find something to reuse them for. That day finally came! The one pictured had a massive (gigantic!) run in them (it was the mother of all ladders!). They’d been sitting in my draw for months and months mostly because I kept on thinking I could still wear them (and even did a few times), but I couldn’t rock torn stockings without looking like I’d had a rough night out. Soooooo, I stopped wearing them.

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Any who, long story short, it works like a charm! You’ll have to tie it a few times (and maybe double up if you’re going exercising or running – which I do with regular hair ties anyway) but I’ve found it holds my thick ass hair in place really well!! If you have lighter hair you can opt to use lighter coloured stockings if you’d prefer, or mix it up by using old patterned socks (or socks missing their other pair) if you’re feeling fancy.

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If you scroll down, you’ll see a video of how it ties. If you keep scrolling you’ll eventually reach the bottom of the page… there was no point to the last bit, it was just a technical fact.

DIY Hair Ties

I wanted to make my own stretchy hair ties as I’ve really been working on reducing the amount of waste I throw away by reusing and repurposing as many things as I can. I’m not prefect by no means, but I’m getting better at finding new uses for things! Living zero waste has become a new favourite project of mine. What’s a hobby or project you’re really passionate about?

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I also like how these bands aren’t as tight on your wrist as regular hair ties. I’m someone who likes to wear hair bands on my wrist when they’re not in my hair. Most hair ties aren’t that comfortable to have on your wrists though (especially for long periods of time) because of the metal clasps or line of glue holding the ties together. Also, hair ties are usually too small to be comfortable on an adult wrist. Who else finds this?

I love how you can customise the hair ties you make by simply adjusting the strip width, adding patterns with permanent markers, using tights, stockings, or pantyhose that already have a pattern, or by braiding multiple strands together for a woven look.

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You can also make them for very cheap depending on if you have the materials already (like a pair of old stockings in your draw). My favourite thing about it is it’s a great way to repurpose tights, stockings, pantyhose or other clothing that have a hole or a small stain on them. You can just cut off those area’s and use the rest of them.

I find they also hold my hair a lot better and don’t slip down as much as elastic hair ties.

Any who, let’s get crackalackin on making them!

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  • A pair of tights/stockings/pantyhose
  • Scissors (a rotary cutter produces much crisper lines if you’d prefer to use that – just make sure you have a cutting mat underneath)


  1. Lie out the stockings so they sit flat on the table, then from the toe-end, cut off the bottom toe part and begin cutting strips off the stockings. You can determine how thin or thick you want the hair ties to be when cutting them up.
  2. Once cut, pull them taught and voila! You have your hair ties all ready to go! It’s super simple, and so easy to do!

Enjoy!! XO

hair ties pic 3


Please let me know how your hair ties go for you in the comments! If you’re looking for more great zero waste ideas and DIYs to make, see my Natural Home page!

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