DIY Hair Ties Made Out of Old Stockings

hair ties made from old stockings

How to make your own hair ties using old materials like stockings, tights, pantyhose, or other old clothing you have lying around.

I think I’ve lost about a million and one hair ties over my lifetime.

I’ll go out and buy a new pack of 20, then lose 19 of them in the first week. That final hair tie (the last melon of the lot), I’ll treat with such care it’ll probably last about 6 months until I lose it or it breaks.

Anyway, I discovered this trick on how to make your own hair ties using old stockings, tights, and pantyhose, and it has been such a game changer.

hair ties made from old stockings
hair ties made from old stockings
hair ties made from old stockings

Use old stockings, socks or leggings you have lying around at home.

I already had a couple of old pairs of stockings sitting in my draw just waiting for the day when I finally had something to reuse them for. The one pictured below had a massive run up the leg. They’d been sitting in my draw for months, mostly because I kidding myself that I could still wear them, but in the end I just couldn’t rock the torn stockings look without looking like I’d had a rough night. So, I stopped wearing them.

I’ve found these hair ties work best if you tie them round a few times and double up if exercising or running. You can even mix up the designs by using old patterned socks, or socks missing their other pair.

I also like how these bands aren’t as tight on your wrist as regular hair ties. I’m someone who likes to wear hair ties on my wrist when they’re not in my hair. Most hair ties aren’t that comfortable to have on your wrists, as the metal clasps or line of glue holding them together dig into your skin.

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hair ties made from old stockings
hair ties made from old stockings

DIY Hair Ties Made from Old Stockings

I love how customisable these hair ties are; simply adjust the strip width, use tights, stockings, pantyhose or socks that already have a pattern, or braid multiple strands together for a woven look. You can even use old clothing that have a hole or a small stain on them; just cut off those area’s and use the rest of them.


  • A pair of tights, stockings, or pantyhose
  • Scissors

To make:

  1. Lie out the stockings so they sit flat on the table, then from the toe-end, cut off the bottom toe part and begin cutting strips off the stockings. You can determine how thin or thick you’d like the hair ties to be when cutting them up.
  2. Once cut, pull them taught and voila! You have your hair ties all ready to go. It’s that simple.

DIY hair ties tutorial

If you’re looking to make elastic hair ties, here’s a great step-by-step guide.

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Have you made hair ties before? What other zero-waste ideas have you come across? Share in the comments below.

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