DIY Eyeglasses & Sunglasses Cleaner

DIY natural eyeglass cleaner

Here’s how to get your glasses from cloudy to crystal clear using a natural, homemade lens cleaning solution.

I’ve got something to confess, I don’t actually wear glasses for sight. BUT, I do wear glasses.

The glasses I wear are for blue light.

Why do I need these?

Well, blue-light blocking glasses have filters in their lenses that help to block or absorb blue light, and in some cases UV light, from getting through to your eyes. This means that if you use these glasses when looking at a screen, especially after dark, they can help reduce exposure to blue light waves that can keep you awake.

According to Baxter Blue’s website;

All backlit, digital devices emit blue light and screen glare – the two main culprits of digital eye strain – and this optical issue has become an increasing problem in our screen saturated society.

Red, dry, itchy, and achingly tired eyes, as well as blurred vision, a hard time focusing, headaches, and more severely migraines, are all classic symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. In fact, over 60% of Americans are already experiencing these symptoms – often without understanding why.

Your Baxter’s filter out nearly 80% of the high energy blue light (during the day when some Blue light exposure is good) and our sleep glasses (melatonin magic makers!) specifically target the blue light in the 450-500nm range responsible for suppressing melatonin that helps you sleep. They are also designed to reduce glare completely, resulting in better contrast, crisper visuals, and more enjoyable digital optics! Our glasses are proven to significantly relieve Digital Eye Strain symptoms.

This is not an ad, I’m just a fan.

I’ve personally found they’ve helped prevent digital eye strain, which was something I used to get A LOT from working on my phone and computer for hours at a time.

One of the questions I will forever be asking myself is, “How do lenses manage to get SO smudged?!” For instance, I clean them one day, and by the next day they’re smudged again! Like, how? They’re kept in a case!

I’ve started keeping this spray next to my glasses, so it’s always on hand when I need it.

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Before and after.

DIY Natural Eyeglasses & Sunglasses Cleaning Spray

This spray works on eyeglasses, sunglasses and pretty much lenses of all kinds. This spray helps remove those stubborn finger marks and prints left on the lens.


To make:

  1. Combine all the ingredients together in a spritz bottle and shake well to combine. Shake before use.

To use:

  1. Spray onto lens and wipe with a microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth.

DIY natural eyeglass cleaner spray tutorial

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Have you made a lens cleaner before? How was it? Share in the comments below.

Lots of love,

🖤 Vanessa

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